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Our offer is dedicated to the most popular type of playground for Railroad golf under the name MINIATURGOLF.

It fits and qualitatively increases the level of provided services of various recreation and accommodation facilities with financial and spatial frugality.

“MINIATURGOLF PLAYGROUND OFFER CATALOGUE” contains 25 miniature golf runways approved by the World Miniature golf Federation - WMF. The runways are certificated by the Slovak Association of Railroads golf course.

A complete MINIATURGOLF PLAYGROUND consists of 18 playing fields (length 6.25 m, width 0.9 m, diameter of the circle - 1.4 m). The optimal surface for the installation of a playground is 600 to 800 square meters. We can work out a project for optimal deployment of the playing runways for you and can also provide you with accessories (golf clubs, balls, etc.), consultancy and information services.