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Investment into quality will return in results

For your fake turf football field we offer you the best fake turf from the Belgian company Desso. Beckham, Zidane, Figo and other stars are already familiar with this fake turf. It is noteworthy the unique GrassMaster system. On such fake turf football fields took the championship EURO 2004 and the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 place. Our range also includes third generation artificial turf (with both silica sand and rubber granules infill). Our Profoot MXS for example, which consists of the latest yarn technology in monofilament yarns, thus boasting an extremely good durability. These yarns greatly improve traction and ball bounce and offer the players the needed flexibility and safety. The back of the artificial turf is coated with the new Polyurethane coating, which greatly improves the tuft lock of each individual monofilament yarn.

If you are looking for the latest novelty in the world of artificial turf, you’ve come to the right address: we have artificial turf 4G!

The quality of our artificial turf pitches is always guaranteed since we work with suppliers who are members of ESTO (The European Synthetic Turf Organization). For an optimal result, we also carry out the important base constructions and lighting works for you.